water saves lives 

Access to clean drinking water is an internationally recognised human rightNevertheless, 2 billion people worldwide lack clean water.
In Africa alone, the figure is 600 million people. We have questioned ourselves for very long why not more is done here and analysed existing but usless measures. After three years of international development and project work, we created and invented WAFRICA - a globally unique and revolutionary system that allows us to provide people with asbolutely clean drinking water... and much moreBecause: Every 20 seconds we lose a child in Afrika due to consumption of unsafe or contaminated water! 

Why wafrica

Just imagine there was an energetically self-sufficient system that pumps groundwater, filters and processes it, cools the water and is therefore a vital water dispenser for people, which can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then read on to learn more. Our system and the idea for WAFRICA is based on several components that are put together to form a system that guarantees a permanent and pure water supply, no matter where and our system also provides electricity, free high-speed WIFI infrastructure, light, safety and security to all people on site. 

We create hundrets of jobs by employing and training people to become WAFRICA 'water warriors' who are responsible for a certain number of systems and a certain region. One WAFRICA system can easily provide clean water for min. 5000 people / day and irrigate enough land to feed 500 families

the benefits 

• We provide the most important food - water
• We ensure sustainabilitiy 
• We ende the exisitng war over water 
• We make a contribution to the environment 

• We only work with renewable energy
We create hundrets of jobs 
• We save lives 
• We create new infrastructure

• We give people back their right to live
• We stand for fundamental rights
• We give people hope
• We secure an income for the people 
• We create something unique
• We make barren land fertile  

We need your help

We invite people and companies to join us in taking this world-changing and forward-looking step towards realising the WAFRICA project.
If you are interested in setting an example and helping humanity, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with all the important details about this life-saving project. We need honest and far-sighted investors and guarantee you not only success but also satisfaction and an outstanding feeling of having done something really good. God bless You.  

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